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What is love 

Allah says that one of His signs is that He placed love and mercy between spouses (Quran 30:21). And what kind of love is that? Is it love expressed on a particular day of the year with gifts, chocolates, and other fancy stuff? No! Love is deeper and more intricate than that!
Love is to accept your spouse with all the shortcomings and still feel flutters in your stomach, just like how you felt on the very first day you got married.
Love is to exchange quick secretive glances of affection with your spouse in a room filled with family and friends.
Love is to push your spouse to be a better Muslim and better slave of Allah by encouraging him or her to be one step closer to Allah than he or she was yesterday.
Love is to dream of going higher and higher in Jannah with your spouse by your side, and taking steps to fulfill this dream—the ultimate dream!
Love is to serve your spouse with the best, making sure that he or she had a wonderful day, despite little fights or arguments you have had.
Love is to make du’a for your spouse every single time you think about them because what greater gift can we give to a person other than du’a?
Love is manifested in so many little things, which one day, will be the big things in life and after death.
And when you feel problems in that love, ask Him to pour love, understanding and mercy in both your hearts, for it is He who places love in the hearts of spouses (30:21)!
Because, life isn’t going to be all roses, but the journey will always seem beautiful when you take time to watch the flowers bloom!



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Happy go lucky =M.E

i want myself back… And its me and only me can bring myself back with permission of My Ultimate Love (AllahuTaala).. 

Thank you Allah… Thank you for this beautiful reminder…  Alhmdlh syukr.. With this kind of feeling… I love you Allah… 

As muslimah.. I should be happy and syukr … Because that is the main recipe of beauty… 

Ok dik, i will smile .. And smile … And smile again insyaAllah…! Thank you for being there for me… Hehehe … 

Till then , i see you  


The Weapon

I was born as muslim.. Alhamdulillah..i was exposed to Islam since small… Being introduced to Islam since i was small… Started to recite Quran when i was 7/8 yo. I was raised in muslim community.. However, My parents were not that strict about dressing.. Because for them, i can wear hijab when am ready…I was allowed to wear short skirt with pony tail until i was 10. I started to know hijab when i moved to Kelantan. That was when i was 10/11 yo. All pupils were wearing hijab in school. Except me. refused to be embarrassed by frens, i forced my mom to buy me a hijab for school. I tell u, i barely hear what people say when i wore the hijab.. Haahhaha… Then i realised i wore a thick inner, very thick one … Haha.. No wonder la i was deaf with hijab. Haahha 
Then when i turned 13 yo, baba sent me to a boarding school.. Far in a remote area.. In that school, i was introduced to a proper muslim attire..big hijab, big clothes haha… All baggy clothes.. Throughout my 3 yrs in that school, i learnt what proper attire is . How to be a good muslim adult.. ( means no shortskirt and no sleeveless😅)

After 3 yrs learnt the basic of being a  muslim, with a good lower secondary school exam result, i then managed to get into a better school.. Still a religious school… In this new school i was taught to be a dai’e…Allahuakbar… This was a big turning point for me.. I started to search and learn Islam seriously at this school… I started to search myself… My religion my God… My Rasul.. And started to understand what is my main role in this dunya.. And what shud i get and dream of having in Akhirah…. 
Too many activities in that school, but what i have to say is , there is a balance for both education in dunya and akhirah… But there are also too many fikrah in the school, extremist… And liberal… I chose to be in the middle.. Huhuhu…. 

One of the fikrah i love and i still hold on to until today was ” a good muslim has a secret weapon and it is his Doa”. Because of this fikrah, we were taught so many doa.. Many doa and among of them, my fav is … DOA RABITAH…

They said, the strongest point of a muslim, is at his heart. If the heart strong, the muslim will be strong.. If weak, then the muslim will be the weakest and a looser. I believe this…this is true..verryyyy true… U dont believe me? Check ur heart… Heheh…

After years (15 years to be precise), i almost forgot about the doa… But Allah reminded me in His own way… today i heard my own kids who are 7 yo and 4 yo… Reciting the doa happily… Fluently.. That startled me… 😅 why? Because they have been exposed to this doa at a very young age.. When i was exposed to the same doa when i was 16 yo! Allahuakbar…What does that mean??? 

It means i have to work harder as a mom, as a teacher and as a daie.. I have to be stronger in putting the right soul and spirit into them to spread Islam … This is my team.. 
“Oh Allah guide them to ur right path, strengthen their imaan.. Strengthen their patience strengthen their heart in holding on to Your rope of Islam..protect them and indeed Youre the best protector, ameen”

Till then, InsyaAllah…

Stop Dreaming..

Sometimes i dream to have a big house, 

I dream to have many kids of my own who are hafeez and hafeezah (a person who memorise quran)

I dream to be a solehah woman, dream to have a soleh husband.

I dream to be faqih in religion issues, 

I dream to be in Jannah, eating all fruits that i can never imagine how tasty they are 

I dream to have a jannah in the highest level…


What did i do to make them real? 

What have i done so far to accompolish my mission in this dunya? 

I wanna be rich in this dunya , but am i rich in my ibadah? Khusyu’ enough? Perfect wudhu’? Am i rich in my akhlak? Good enough to my parents? My husband? Kids? Siblings? Others? 

I wanna be solehah… But have i been one to my husband? Do i perform solat at early hour? Do i read quran as much as i can? Do i understand the quran? What did i do to ustand quran? Class? Asking ustazah? 

I wanna die in husnul khatimah ( die in a good manner) have i been good to others in this dunya? Have i been good to Allah Taala ? Do i obey Him?

Im jealous of those who is pious, who faqih in Islam, who rich in akhlak and ibadah, who memorised quran easily by their hearts… 

Im jealous of those who are solehah wife, paradise surely for them… Jealous of whom are consistent with quran… Allahuakbar wa Astaghfirullah hal azim….

Am nothing comparing to them … I dream but i dunno how close i am with my dream…i dream of jannah.. But how close i am to His Jannah? Can i even smell it?

I wanna improve myself before the time comes, i wanna make a change !i wanna be better muslim… Oh Allah make it easy… 😓

Oh My Heart, 

Stop dreaming… Make a change.. Do ibadah with a full heart, a heart that full of love towards only Him, heart that afraid of His punishment, heart that full of Dhikr.. 

Keep going.. Keep istighfar… Keep striving… To see Him in husnul Khatimah.. 

My condolences to those who syaheed in Mecca recently… Am sure they have been dreaming to die in Mecca.. While doing ibadah , while their heart submitted wholly to Him… They accompolished their mission successfully..may Allah bless their soul” ameen

SO?!.. And what am i waiting for ?😓 Oh Allah accept my tawbah oh Allah… I acknowledge Your Nikmah and i acknowledge my Sin… Therefore forgive me oh Allah.. ” ameen...  

Till then.., insyaAllah…