Wrinkle wrinkle go away

When i know the fact that next year, i will turn 30, i freak out .. i freak out sbb am almost half of Prophet’s age when he wafat. what does that mean? it means, am getting old, age is catching up.. huhu.. for a normal woman like me, what make me worry is WRINKLES ..hahaha..

So what did i do? started to have few skincare products. dulu i ni pakai cleanser je.. pastu bila pg UK, i add moisturizer..after i had my first kid, sbb tdo lambat and tak cukup tdo punya pasal, i bot eye cream.. sbb dah macam panda kan..haha..so ingat nak pakai laa…hehe.. tp until now, i tak nmpk mana eyecream i tu..hilang.. and lately, i am thinking to have a collection of skincare product plak.. ok, now i topped up my list with toner.. and JUSSSTT now, i bot a night cream…wow! NIGHT CREAM…i laughed at myself man when i was at the cashier tadi.. gile , wiaam beli night cream..first time in her life dude!!! hak hak..

My satisfaction for having this expensive night cream (ok, kalau RM 50 tu kira mahal la for me k..hahah) is just for a while aje.. when  i was walking back to office , alone… i thot of something.. do i really need this?Why do i need this? Is there any alternative way?Getting old is the reality of this world, there is young people , there must be old people, and why should i be worried and scared of being old? Why ? Why and Why

I was in a very deep thot ..that i didnt even realise i almost reached my office..i can hear the jemaah from Tabung Haji, i can even see the jemaah from here.. Allahuakbar.. rasa macam nak lari je join jemaah sama sama.. i can feel that i will be strong if i join the jemaah.. i love to be in jemaah u see.. i love to be in a team..

and u know what? At that moment, i have the answer , the answers to all of my thots and questions tadi.. yes.. the alternative to my skincare ni ialah WUDHU’… haah ablution … fuyyo, where does that word come from? haha… yes Ablution.. Why u need this Lucy? adeii.. Go and do u prayer at night.. that ablution is the ultimate night creeamm.. clean ur inner side.. then u will glow..glow glow glow bizinillah!

Tp betul tau, bukan la poyo ke apa tau… mmg betul, when u do qiyam, when u submit yourself to Allah, ur heart will be soooo soft , ur tear will come down, and  cleanse your face..hee.. tak caya? buat laa.. hihi.. and of cos, not only u will clean your face,   but also your heart, and u will have nothing to worry.. sbb hati you dah tenang ! heee… and InsyaAllah akan berjaya dunia dan akhirat.

While thinking about solat , wudhu’ and qiyam,  one person come to my mind.. yes, it is ABANG.. if only he can join that Jemaah that i just saw.. if only, he join us with our Jemaah at the office, if only he cleanses his face with a simple ablution.. if only he raises his hand and make doa … the first one who will cry is me..  huhu… Oh Allah, make it easy for him. Please guide him and please open and soften his heart to turn to you. Amen..


Note for the author:  Please, after your Japanese friend ni balik, Do qiyam.. u must wake up.. and do your cleansing activities.. oh, rindu dah nak solat at night..


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