The Support System in my Life

Last week, my HR called me up for some discussion which we called “CAREER MAPPING”uhuk uhuk… to map my career path in my current company la kot..hikhik.. Apparently, it was more to an update instead of discussion, since the officer dah siap siap complete kan the map for i have nothing much to say..hak hak.. layann….

Through out the “discussion”  the officer asked me few questions that until now it stucks in my head.. ” How is your work wiaam? How do u find working in this company so far ?” She looked seriously at me.. waiting for my answer.. of cos i said “ok.. alhamdulillah.. tak menjadi masalah, semua bagus.. menarik, tertarik and the bomb!” ( well i tak de la reply cam tu , tp optimist la haha) be honest, i jawab ” ok, surviving.. alhamdulillah”.

Next Q she asked, “How is your relationship with other analysts?” wwooaahh… apa punya soalan ni..what kind of Q is this.. hak hak..this time, i started to be serious.. hhaha.. of cos , i took my deep breath before answer that Q.. Before i can answer that Q, i relate to the my previous answer to the previous question. Nothing else come to my mind, my brothers who have been there for me in the Company since my day 1. My sisters who have been teaching me a lot of things about life, about women, about frenship about office and of cos , politics in the office uhuk uhuk.. THEY helped and supported me to SURVIVE in my new company. Thank you brothers and sisters.

“Alhamdulillah, relationship dgn other analyst sgt bagus setakat ini, malah makin baik. dan makin sayang pada semua. First 6 mnths adalah waktu yang terbaik to know each other. To be honest Sue,  my brothers around me have been supporting for all this while,and am grateful for that, Alhamdulillah” Itu my response to the officer.

Ya, support system in our life is very very very important. I prefer to refer this kind of support system as “BROTHERHOOD” well can always call “SISTERHOOD” too. Yap, Brothers who sit near by me in the office byk support saya. In fact, before i decided to get into this Company, i got a very good support from my brother who now left the Company. When he left, mmg i was so upset, upset, because i lost a part of my support system. Well now my existing brothers play a very good role in supporting me who is damn weak in everything u see. Thank you brothers. I love them LillahitaaAlaa, i love them as much as i love myself. I love everybody in my life as much as i love myself, or may be more than myself actually. oh Allah bless them and their family. InsyaAllah i will always support u guys, of cos not in office things/affairs, since am good at nothing in research. but may be family? may be support to be a good imam? to be a good son? to be a good muslim? well i will try..insyaAllah.

Umi is a very good example of a person who lost her support system forever.. Her mother passed away when i was 10 yrs old, her father passed away when i was 17 yrs old, a year later or less than that, her younger sister passed away due to cancer. And Last Ramadhan, the most person she loved the most after her mother also passed away due to cancer. I could see she was so weak that day.. the day my aunty died on her lap. I prayed so that she will be strong to go through her days in the future. But today, i can see she misses my aunty very much. Her main support system. My aunty who had been supporting her through out her life since she was baby. My only aunty who knows how to cook her favourite food. The only aunty who understands her very very well. Very well that Umi does not have to say anything, Along (my aunty) already know what she wants. Today, i can see Umi is soo old, old because she looked tired..Tired of doing things that Along had been doing all this time for her. Allahuakbar. Saya rasa sedih, hati saya remuk.. Kenapa saya tak mampu menggantikan Along to support Umi. Saya sedih sbb saya rasa saya gagal meringankan beban umi. oh Allah forgive me for all my weaknesses. Umi ada sebut pasal maid. Katanya, I need a maid to help me to manage the kids. But my heart understands something else. She wants maid for herself, and i can see, she is just too ego to say that she needs one. Yap, InsyaAllah, sy akan dapatkan maid untuk Umi. Of cos, i wont say that the maid is for her. I will pretend as if the maid is for me and to manage the kids just like she wished. But i will tell the maid, she only needs to  be there for my mum.. not for my kids. Saya harap dengan cara ini saya mampu bantu umi, dan buat umi kurang penat. this is all because i love Umi so much.

Other than my brothers around me , Hubby of cos has been a good supporter for me ( eh i think i play that supporting role better than him kot uhuk uhuk…) Well thats not the topic for now.

Since last few weeks, i was tested by many many tests. Well i should be grateful because was not been tested like those in Palestine. kan? but still, am so weak. Weak that i only could cry.. at this time, my support system fid dunya, does not work for me. Well of cos insyaAllah  some advices/feedbacks from few discussions/deliberations about  some issues worked for me. and i did take into consideration. Well if my support system in this world does not work, e.g. Hubby, Umi, Baba, Brothers, Sisters, what kind of support i need then?

Yap, HIS ultimate support. Dear friends. Whenever you feel bad, turn yourselves, to Allah. HE loves for His servant to seek for His helps. HE pleases to see you make doa to Him. Because He is your creator, and nothing you shud submit yourselves to, other than Him. Indah kawan kawan, perasaan submission when we seek for HIS support. Nikmat dia terlalu indah yang saya sendiri tak dapat gambarkan perasaan tersebut sehingga sahabat sahabat sekalian sendiri sujud dan berserah pada DIA. Allahuakbar. Alhamdulillah, that what i have been doing so far. Everytime, i need opinion, no doubt, i will ask my brothers/sisters around me.. but Alhamdulillah, so far, i never forget to seek for HIS guidance too. (well never say never, said Justin Bieber), and I hope, my sahabat who is reading this, will remind me if i forget to seek for His Guidance. Let us, remind/support each other for Allah. By reminding and supporting each other, we will become stronger, stronger not only as a person, but as a group and nation. InsyaAllah.



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