To be Happy (REDHA) is to be Grateful

Oh its year end dah.. Year end mmg seronok.. u know why? ya, because it is a long holiday for school kids, school teachers, and half long holiday for parents. well almost no holiday for analyst in year end eh? hek hek.. Next week i will be “alone” in the office when my brothers all on vacation.! Adoi! … well its ok, may be kita puasa la, so dont have to go for lunch alone.. feel so pathetic kalau gi lunch alone hihi..

Year end sale, School holiday.. finishing annual leave..and yes my Birthday too… hihihi.. I was born on 8 December 1983. That was 29 yrs back. Alhamdulillah, Allah let me see  HIS world for this long so far. For the first time again, i forgot my birthday on the day itself tau.. hihi…I remember it is my Day pon, when i received sms from Umi that morning. Half of myself happy gile when received the first sms and wishes from Umi. Half of me got touched by the sms too. It was a simple but a reminder to me

“Happy birthday anak umi manja umi dan doa semoga sihat, murah rezeki, di sayangi Allah & sabar dengan karenah umi/baba yang semakin tua tak tau siapa dulu yang akan dijemput”- Umi

Feel like crying masa tu. When i read that sms, i looked at my hubby, and kids. Thank you Umi, for loving them. Thank you umi, for having some time for them when i dont have. Thank you for fighting for your life while trying to push me out. Thank you for everything. Your thank you to me for being sabr in being a dotter is nothing to my Thank you for being a mother to me. Sabar saya melayan umi tak terbalas dengan sabar umi mendidik dan membesarkan saya. Love you..of cos umi and baba too.. hehe without baba , i tak kan jadi baby kan? hik hik.

Yes, being grateful is actually the key of being happy. Alhamdulillah, whenever i feel sad, i will try to look for something so that i can be grateful. When my aunty passed away, i was the only one who didnt cry. why ? because i managed to find a point where am sad but grateful at the same time… indeed i was “happy” for her for being in pain due to cancer in a very short time. Allah loves her because Allah never giver her chance to do chemo..Alhamdulillah. I was happy also because i got a chance to experience how to take care of a sick-old-lady. Nurse her, clean her after she went to toilet. clean her waste when she pee on her way to toilet, everything. Alhamdulillah. May Along rest in peace and be in His rahmah and be among pious people.

I have a very good example for my title today.

Yesterday, i got a news from Wildan that baby Aisyah passed away. The doctor had taken off the life support. Innalillahi wainna ilaihi rojiun. A little bit about baby Aisyah. She is 2 mnths old, she is a dotter to my SIL’s bestfriend, Muna. I still remember when first time i met her in the masjid during Wildan’s akad nikah last year. She is a nice chap. Sopan, very soft spoken. Sentiasa senyum. i can see she is very loving towards people around her. She just got married jugak rasanya that time..if am not mistaken. and last week, after almost a year, i got a news that she involved in an accident in Kuala Terengganu. It was quite bad.. the car hit a tow truck which was making a u turn ke apa ke tah.. Ryan, the hubby was ok. but it was her and the baby got injured quite badly. Both mother and baby got broken leg. The baby had the worst condition as she had  blood clot in her head. Of cos the doctor said the chance to be alive was very thin. Brain damage kot. Allahuakbar.. kesian betul.. When Wildan told me today they will end the life support, first thing i asked, “How is the mother?” i got a very interesting point from Wildan’s response:

“Muna said she redha with everything. For all this time , she got everything that she has been wanted for. and now, for Allah to take Aisyah from her, she totally redha”..

Adoi! Mulia nya kamu Muna. Hebatnya kamu Muna, bergenang gak la airmata ni.. i almost almost cry..yes, moral of the story, when she was sooo upset for gettting chance to be a mother for only 2 mnths, she was sooo grateful for what she has and what Allah has given her in order to be at where she is now. But we never know what it takes for her to be at that redha stage kan? but at least we know Muna managed to find the point where she is upset but grateful and therefore she Sabr.. which in the end the great reward from Allah is waiting for her in the Hereafter.

To Muna and Ryan, even i barely know you, you are still my sister and brother, who are always in my doa, insyaAllah. May Allah rewards you for all your Sabr. HIS test in this world is nothing to the reward that you will get in the Hereafter. Aisyah will be waiting for you in front of Jannah insyaAllah..adoi sy nak nangis..huhu.. I remember one of the story from my brother about the kids who refuse to get into Jannah until their mother follow them.. Allahuakbar.. this is the reward Muna for your sabr..

ok.. dah Subuh.. Saya solat dulu.. Until  we meet in the next entry, insyaAllah.



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