Love, it is!

Alhamdulillah, today I managed the kids very well. ‘Auf this morning willing to mandi haha.. for long time dah dia tak  mandi gi school.. basuh muka aje.. Alhamdulillah, Aula slept until we about to go. Alhamdulillah Aalaa’ listened to mummy,had bfast, even a cup of tea … and some roll cakes.. one thing make me proud being a mummy is when Aalaa’ asked to bring hot tea that I made to school.. aww.. Dotter always know how to jaga hati mummy eh ? hihi.. AlhamdulIillah.. I managed to hug my husband on Friday morning. The first thing I did when I woke up.. heheh.. may Allah accept my good deed.. amen..

Where is my maid? Haha good Question, but I don’t wanna talk about her.. lets just say , she is gone like others hehehe.. Alhamdulillah, what I can see, Allah wants me to touch my kids more often.. to put them to sleep myself, to feed them myself, to bath them myself, to talk in my own language and my motherly tone, to teach them to be better person insyaAllah.. I cudnt stop saying Alhamdulilah, because His nikmah is soooooooo abundant that I cudt deny at all..even when I am having difficulties..Allahukbar.. sy malu nak complaint.. tp ada gak kadang kadang ter complaint, sy kan wanita yang lemah ahhaha..adoiyai.. May Allah guide me and make me a strong women, physically, mentally and emotionally. Amen.

This morning I was talking about umrah with daddy, I opened the book, given by my brother. The book is a simple guide on how to do umrah and hajj. Very good one..i only read the definition ..only.. I already have tears in my eyes, Allahuakbar..i miss HIM, I miss my LOVE .. my Habib.. the feeling is just like the feeling I have before I meet daddy.. tp feeling towards daddy fidunnya is like head over heals la kan, yang ni lagi teruk ni..hahaa..teruk yang baik la, bukan teruk yg tak baik, its like even moreeee… macam rindu sgt ni.. fall in love like no one can imagine.. u know when I know daddy, I never meet daddy in person, we contact each other thru emails..and that that, Allah opens my heart to him.. to let him be the one that I want to enter paradise with.. insyaAllah. That love feeling.. I feel it now, but thousandsssssssss time more.. may be thousand times thousands time thousands.. byk tu kan? bila dah byk, I feel like my heart and my chest ni full sgt.. excited to see Him, to be close to Him …. Allahuakbar, the one who created me.. huhu Allahuakbar, the One who sent Daddy near me, the One who let me conceived my babies.. and delivered them..Allahuakbar.. I seriously lost words to describe my feeling guys. Am sorry..i wish i just can give my heart and put in your body, and let u feel it.. ok I nak nnagis now..huhuhuu…


Yes guys, insyaAllah am going for Umrah.. in just few weeks time.. excited sgt, takut sgt, overwhelm sgt, nervous sgt, semua ada.. my tongue never stops zikr, my heart keeps reminding my brain to zikr and istighfar, in anyyything I do, I do lillahitaala, am tired without maid, I keep saying Alhamdulillah. Semua lillahitaalaa. May Allah accept my ibadah.. I wanna be in my Habib’s Home, I wanna kiss Hajarul Aswad, I wanna cry out loud , so my eyes will be the witness, I wanna give my eyes their rights to see Kaabah, I wanna give my tears to fall in Baitullah, I wanna give my hands and foots their rights to step in Baitullah and walked between safa and Marwah.. Allahuakbar, make it easy for my body and soul … I sakit kepala tahan nangis … Allahuakbar, u know what I feel now oh Allah.. terima kasih, for letting me have this feeling..

Kalau I tulis lagi, I nangis I better stop now.. hehe.. to those yang baca, I love you guys..i k now ada beberapa org yang sgt rapat with me baca  blog ni hehe.. I love you lillahitaala, before I go to umrah, please, forgive me, i never have bad intentions towards you guys, I love you lillahitaalaa..if you don’t trust me when I say this, its ok, u don’t need to, but trust Allah k.. kiss and hugs for my sisters and my brothers who are reading my blog.. till then I see you insyaAllah…