Moving out of my comfort zone

Indeed what Allah planned is the best and in fact He is the best planner. Cukup cantik perjalanan hidup aku akhir akhir ini. Apa yang terjadi memerlukan akal dan mata hati yang cukup tajam untuk aku memahami hikmah di sebalik yang terjadi.Alhamdulillah ujian itu tanda Dia sayangkan hambaNya.

I am no more in finance industry. I am now in fact in oil and gas industry. Totally new for me indeed. I have to start from the very beginning. Well insyaAllah daddy will help me along the way kan? Insyaallah. Im happy with my life now alhamdulillah. First i have more time with family kids and hubby. I dont need to think about my reports anymore when i am with family. I dont need to look at my bb during the weekends. I wont have Monday blues anymore. Heheheh Alhamdulillah. So how is my life now? Heheh u really wanna know? Heheh while waiting for a new office open, i am now with hubby…after send the kids off to school, i have bfast with daddy , will follow him to some meetings, will join if i wish to and will not if i have other meetings heheheh. In the morning we both will go to any masjeed for dhuha and recitation or usrah if any. Then proceed for any meeting then lunch then meeting then high tea then meeting and pick kids up at the end of the day. Syiok tak? Hahaha what a life alhamdulillah….

Sounds cool gile kan? Somewhere there trust me i do struggle to think how can we manage our finance soon? What does that mean? I need income! Heheheheheh but what i am going through right now , i know Allah is with me. Very close. Very very close..

And when My servants ask you, [O Muhammad], concerning Me – indeed I am near. I respond to the invocation of the supplicant when he calls upon Me. So let them respond to Me [by obedience] and believe in Me that they may be [rightly] guided.[2:186]

…Yes in fact i have made doa during tawaf saying that if it is going to be hard for me to spread Islam even an ayah in my company, show me the way….i asked Allah for a protection from those who are zalim.. And yes now Allah has showed me the way out. Allah heard me … Allahuakbar. Thank you Allah…. Thank you for making it easy for me….

To actually quit from my previous job without a proper plan is really a test. Things happened in office really brought me down to the lowest point ever. It was really hard when i cudnt tell my parents especially my dad that i changed my career path.i dont want them to be worried i dont want them to lose confident in me. Therefore, i have to work hard and prove that i can be in oil and gas business just like others. What make a person successful is their faith in Allah and yes insyaAllah this is the answer from Allah.

Oh Allah, am now out of my comfort zone. Bless me and my family show me the right path to be ur true da’ie.. Guide me oh Allah … Protect me oh Allah.. Make it easy for me oh Allah. Forgive me ohAllah… Indeed i have been zulm to myself all this while. Allahummasolli ala muhammad.. Ameen..

Till then …


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