We Meet Again

When i was in high school, i was taught of how to say “uhibbuki fillah” everytime i see my friends. After jamaah prayer, after usrah in school, we always say that… Honestly, i dont understand why the seniors asked me to do that.. but of cos i follow and keep searching the hikmah of saying that. I still remember my good friend, Hajar Jamal used to hold my hands tight, and looked right into my eyes and said “Wiaam, uhibbukifillah..abadan abada” .. aku terkedu, those words go straight into my heart. My reaction that time was  “woo… that is serious..” ahhaa.. :p (i was notty back then really hihih)

Yes, it is that serious when u say things from your heart. When you do things lillahitaala. and the effect is so powerful. Such friendship brotherhood sisterhood or whatever you wanna call it, it last long.. such friends sister or brothers, you do not need them to be in front of your eyes all the time but enough to know that you always have them and they always have you in their hearts. What does that mean? It means you always in their prayers InsyaAllah and as you remember them, they will remember you at the same time. and when u almost forget about them, you will see them on the very right time..

I used to cry because I thought I would lose my brother when he decided to quit as an analyst. That was more than 2 years kot. Now i followed his step and quit. We both quit without any proper plan in place. And previously i met him at KLCC. It was so random. We both so happy for long time we didnt see each other. Allahuakbar hati aku terus bertahmid. Alhamdulillah jodoh kami masih panjang. The same brother also was the one who become the “bridge” between me and my long lost Kak Hainey. It was so shocking when my bro told me saying that he met my sister. Ikutkan it is impossible for them to know each other but Allah was so great that three of us met in one circle. FYI i didnt see my kakak since we finished school but i know both of us missing each other. In the very same circle all of us know my long lost schoolmate Mardziah. Allahuakbar indahnya ukhwah berlandaskan cintaNya..

Di sewaktu aku buntu Allah datangkan mereka memberi semangat. Di sewaktu Allah menutupkan satu pintu rezeki buat aku,Allah membuka beberapa pintu yang lain. Yang jauh lebih baik. Semoga Allah memberkati usaha kami dalam mengikut ajaranNya dan Sunnah kekasihNya. Ameen.



Till then i see you insyaAllah;


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