Milky Milky :)

Alhamdulillah, even i stopped being a serious career mummy, to a so-so career with high flexibility working hours, am still milky.. i never leave my breast pump behind. Now Aula is already 6 months and 1 week. She still breastfeed.. i have introduced her to solid food. Alhamdulillah she is doing it well.. I did not take any supplement at all, i only eat good food healthy food insyaAllah. well , sometimes not good but not all the time wahahha.. ada jugak curi curi makan bende junkfood..ahha..but just to let go the crave u see.. tak pe dimaafkan :p u drink well u eat well u rest well.. akhir sekali your intention and ur sincerity to breastfeed your baby is the most helpful to increase ur milk. Yes, psychology! When i was first pregnant, i have my role model, Ida Amira, my colleague from the SC. She was the one who are so supportive in making me to breastfeed Aalaa’ my first baby. From what kind of breast pump is ideal for working mum, storage bags, storage bottle, how to store the breastmilk, how to thaw, how to use, how long it can be kept… etc etc etc… Ida, i owe u so much.. Alhamdulillah with all her guidance, i managed to breastfeed Aalaa’ for almost 2 years. Alhamdulillah.

As for ‘Auf my only son for now, i only managed to breastfeed him up to 8 months . why? because masa tu i changed my job .. and i need to travel. I have to travel to Turkey for some conferences. It was 7 days conferences, and the trip to Turkey is about 10 hours.. so no use for me to keep my milk that long as it couldnt “survive” haha.. i know i know..i should not give up, but u know la, it was a business trip, not when business u have so many things to bring along with you. as an analyst, i have to also bring a lot of reports to show to people at the conference.. so the report alone is heavy what more if i bring a big ice box… so leceh…. And when i got pregnant for my third one, as early as 2 months, right after i gotta know i was pregnant , i told myself that “ok this time i can do it! 2 years sharp!!! no compromise insyaAllah..” . i was mentally physically spiritually prepared to breastfeed my baby.. and yap, as early as second day after i delivered my baby, i already produced some milk.. Alhamdulillah..It is from Him indeed.. It was not easy of course.. tell me what is in this world is easy ? hahahha…semua nya difficult to get …however, in the Quran has stated that:

“Verily, with hardships there is a relief” [94:6]”

And the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said to Abullah bin Abbas (RA):

“..Be mindful of Allah, you will find Him before you. Get to know Allah in prosperity and He will know you in adversity… And know that victory comes with patience, relief with affliction, and ease with hardship.” [Tirmidhi]

Jadi bila jadi ibu yang breastfeed dan berkerjaya ni kita mesti sabar, Indeed Allah always with those who are patience. Hasil kita menyusu takkan kita nampak sekarang, tapi percayalah, bonding diantara anak dan ibu itu yang lebih penting, it is built over time.. bijak pandai nya anak anak kita itu bergantung pada bonding yang kita bina sekarang …

Namun pada mereka yang tak mampu breastfeed anak mereka , usah la sedih, kerana Allah ada sebab Nya yang tersendiri.. antaranya ialah Allah sedang mengangkat darjat wanita seperti mu dalam mendidik anak dan ber “bonding” dengan anak dengan cara anda sendiri, of cos berlandaskan syariat yang telah digariskan Islam.

Pada ibu yang surirumah macam saya ni (saya ni kira surirumah la, walau bekerja tp flexible hours to melebih lebih hihihi.. ) jgn ambil enteng tentang pemerahan susu ni, skang mmg la nmpk macam tak guna susu tu, hahaa, tp to be honest, sy guna tau susu yg sy perah tu, satu sbb anak sy ke nursery, dan satu anak sy ramai, andai sy perlu ke hospital yang perlukan masa yang lama, boleh la ibu atau penjaga anak sy menggunakan susu itu sementara sy di luar menguruskan urusan urusan saya.. :). Sejak saya lebih masa dirumah berbanding office, dan lebih masa saya di luar office mengikut meeting dengan stakeholder company, sy tetap gigih memerah susu. Alhamdulillah masih dapat maintain 12 oz sehari. kira ok la dari langsung tak de kan..Alhamdulillah. Murahkan rezeki anak anak ku, ampunkan dosa aku, suami dan keluarga ku. Permudahkan urusan aku memberi susu pada anakkku Aula. Ameen.

Suka untuk saya ingatkan pada readers saya, (of cos those sisters la kan :p) while u’re expressing milk, please, make doa all the way, masa tu la u asking pray that may Allah bless every single drop of the milk, and may those who drink ur milk (your kids of cos, not your hubby ur anybody elses :p) will be heathy and be a good muslim insyaAllah. Yang paling penting, the mother must alwayss always istighfar.. and zikr. Remember, the milk is also a unique creature of Allah.. if they do zikr, why do not we, eh?

Stocking up the stock :p

Stocking up the stock :p


Till then i see you insyaAllah.


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