Alhamdulillah, life is getting better now. may be am started to fit in to my new life now.. Alhamdulillah.. Hope Baba tak baca bende alah ni, sbb dia je tak tau aku ni tak keje dengan company lama hihi… fair if i say am waiting for an offer .. hope i can get the offer, as it is one of Umi’s dream.. in life, i only chase my dream of my parents, because making them happy is my ultimate happiness.. of cos never forget about my hub’s dream too..which is to have many kids…*pengsan* hahahahaha…

Remember when i said Allah closed one door because He wants to open another few doors for me? .. Allahuakbar.. HE is soo amazing.. There is no such power that is more powerful than Him.. Allahuakbar is only way i can describe.. HE IS INDEED SO GREAT! In my last entry , titled : We Meet Again, i did share about how excited i was to meet my long lost brother and sisters… and this time.. i wanna share how great i feel to meet my longgggggggggggggesssssssssssstttt lost girlfriends … .. Indah kawan kawan!!!!!!! *lompat lompat*

A bit about my girlfrends.. we met each other when we were 11-12 years old.. all of us, moved to school SR Dato’ Hashim which situated in Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan, because we followed our parents who moved job too that time.. If Nana, she was originally from Muar, Johor.Her dad who was a police officer , was transferred to PC. Me, my dad also was transferred to KB as a District Officer in Bachok, and we lived in PC.. Tini.. her dad also was transferred to KB, who was previously stationed in Terengganu.. and she lived besides my cousin’s house in KB. and for Mihah, the LONDONER heheh came back home to Malaysia when her parents not sure dad or mom, finished their PHD. 🙂

What brought us together is our language..hahaha… we spoke same kelantanese, but Real Malay hahahhaa.. we did speak kelate, but a bit i guess… heheh.. but surely, because we were not originally from SRDH since standard 1, we were kinda an “outsider” ..hahah.. .. Nana was the earliest to be in that school among three of us.. haha.. aku yang kedua.. org pertama yang aku faham bahasa, ialah NANA… hahahahaha peace nana.. Dia yg pandai berbahasa kelantan, berbanding aku.. yg tak faham sepatah haram ni… she was kinda my translator..hahaha.. dia la selamatkan aku dari menyebut perkataan-perkataan yang kurang baik yang diajar oleh boys yang nakal nakal… hehehhe.. masa tu we were 9-10 yrs old..hehee.. since then aku rasa selamat dengan Nana..and since then aku kawan dgn Nana.. and whereever Nana go i will be there too.. hahahaha… we were in the same class until we standard 6 kan… HEART NANA..hahaha..

we met Mihah and Tini when we were in standard 6..i have no idea how we rapat other than the language, but we always together and we were so close that we have our own nick name… BAB, BIB, BOB, BEB… cute.. even it was only a year old friendship… we fren fren by HEART… allahuakbar, susah nak describe how beautiful it was ..but am sure only 4 of us faham apa yang aku rasa skang.. hehe

ok.. now come back to my story, Allah, brought us back together, after i resigned from my company.. indah sgt kawan kawan.. rindu sgt pada mereka ini.. we never care who we are, what we re doing, we just wanna be together, and share whatever we have.. we support each other like nobody can .. only 4 of us dah cukup..

Alhamdulillah, such friendship really close to my heart.. i used to be scared when i knew i was about to lose 3 of them after UPSR..where everybody went to different schools.. i was scared and missed them so much that i always look at their pic..i in fact kept in touch, by writing letters to NANA.. then time flies and everybody was everywhere …hehhe scattered around… hehehe…

Alhamdulillah with all the technologies, we managed to get back together.. Mihah is now a successful doctor.. Nana is a successful public figure.. a singer cum tv host cum announcer/dj/hoswife.. Tini a successful businesswomen from Terengganu.. Alhamdulillah… Allahurabbi.. Allah temukan kami diwaktu kami memerlukan each other.. Mihah has just undergone some minor operation.. me faced some “hiccups” and yes, both of us need support, and Allah brought all of us close again…Alhamdulillah…

We all so surprise with the strong feeling that we have.. we never feel any changes despite how successful everyone is.. we still stay as childish as we were, as open as we were , as pure as we were in having and valuing our friendship…Thank you Allah for opening a door to a beautiful friendship ever ….

Indeeed, i called this FRIENDSHIP BY HEARTs.. a.k.a SISTERHOOD TILL DEATH! insyaAllah .


“Oh Allah, i love three of them Samihah, Nurul Hana and Hartini.. They are my sisters truely my sisters.. they love me unconditionally, and Allah i beg you to love them too.. strengthen our love which we based to you.. Guide us , protect us .. forgive all of our Sins.. ameen”



Till then i see you.


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