10 Signs You Love Someone for the Sake of Allah

Alhamdulillah…we have been fasting for 16 days.. Alhamdulillah wa astaghfirullah… and i never miss any yet.. only few days I missed few juzuk, insyaAllah will try hard to cover them..

I have been quiet since last post… because i was too sad .. but now am ok..Alhamdulillah.. yes.. i am a kind of person who give a deep thought of something …huhu..especially things that really close to my heart.. what? Friendship for the sake of Allah…

Few misunderstanding happened and it made me sad, sad not because of anybody at all, but because of myself.. i have been zulm not to myself only but also others around me without me realising it astaghfirullah hal azim…. but Alhamdulillah finally i come to redha state and 100% yaqeen, there is a hikmah behind what had happened… and i have learnt a lot … Alhamdulillah Allah never neglect me and always guide me to the right path Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah..

Oh i just wanna share about 10 signs you love someone for the sake of Allah.. i  thot it is a good reminder for myself.. and insyaAllah for all of you , my reader..

10 Signs You Love Someone for the Sake of Allah

1. You are not upset if there is a lack of commitment: Since Allah brought this person to you, He can also take him away at any time. As long as you have paid your due for Allah’s sake you should not worry about lack of commitment 

2. You are willing to sacrifice for them for the sake of Allah: It means to let go of what is precious to you. Time, energy, money and reputation for Allah’s sake. You are willing to even give you friend up for Allah’s sake too if that is what is best for him.

3.  You have no expectations from them: Your reward lies solely with Allah swt and you know this and do not expect anything from people in general

4. You are happy when you see them happy: You are happy when you see them satisfied in the blessings of Allah. Even when these blessing have not been brought upon you. 

5. You hold no record book of reciprocation on them: You do not hold an account of who puts in more effort in the friendship. It makes forgiving quite easy as well because it involves forgiving for the sake of Allah

6. You met for His sake and continue to reunite for His sake: You met on good intentions and continue to meet for a purpose greater than yourselves. 

7. You conflict comes with no drama: When it does happen however, they decide to end matters in a respectable manner that pays due to you past and your connection with Allah and not your ego. 

8. You do not have to agree on everything: You will not need anyone’s approval for your ideas since they lie between you and your Lord. Good friends will consult the Quran and Hadith when they disagree. And if even then they still do, that’s ok. 

9. You give them your good word: Praise each other when commit good deeds and give good word

10. You are constant reminder of Allah to them and they are a constant reminder of Allah to you: In worship and speech, you both tend to remember Allah. 

and before Ramadhan ends, i want my readers to know that i love all of you for the sake of Allah..nomatter who you are, where you come from, how we get to know each other.. i still love you for the same of Allah…

To my Hubby.. yes , I love you for the sake of Allah.. I want you to be my Hubby in Jannah… InsyaAllah * love*

Till then, i see you.


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