Fret Not 

If you feel betrayed and being hurt by your own family members, fret not. Remember, the story of our Prophet Yusuf a.s, when he was betrayed by his own brothers. 

If your parents or anyone that you loved, go against you when you are on the right path, fret not, as our Prophet Ibrahim a.s was thrown in to the fire by his own father 

If you are in a big trouble and it seems to be no solutions to your problems, wipe your tears and fret not, remember the story of Prophet Yunus (Jonah) a.s who was trapped in the belly of whale

If you are sick and your whole body is in so much pain, fret not, as Prophet Ayyub a.s was very ill and had terrible sores all over his body and even lost his family.

If you think you have a lot of weaknesses, flaws, shortcomings or u feel you are imperfect, fret not, as Prophet Moosa a.s. could not communicate fluently

If you are insulted by any other human around you, fret not , as Aisyah r.a. ( wife of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w) has been defamed and the whole city was talking about it 

If you feel lonely and there is nobody to help you, fret not as Prophet Adam a.s was alone on the earth before he met Eve

If you feel that everything happens in your life is unjust and you even question why is it happening to you, fret not, as Prophet Noah a.s. was building the ark without knowing the reason he needed to do so, but he kept building it without question it. 

If you are insulted by your own family members when you choose your religion and ukhrawi life instead of worldly life, fret not, and remember the story of our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w who has been isolated and disliked by his close relatives. 

Subhanallah… Allahuakbar…Laila haillAllah… 

Allah has created great personalities before our time, and those personalities were tested and challenged in many ways. This is to give us a lesson which we can learn when we face any tests and tribulations in our daily life. Hence, never say “ WHY ME??” 



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