Stop Dreaming..

Sometimes i dream to have a big house, 

I dream to have many kids of my own who are hafeez and hafeezah (a person who memorise quran)

I dream to be a solehah woman, dream to have a soleh husband.

I dream to be faqih in religion issues, 

I dream to be in Jannah, eating all fruits that i can never imagine how tasty they are 

I dream to have a jannah in the highest level…


What did i do to make them real? 

What have i done so far to accompolish my mission in this dunya? 

I wanna be rich in this dunya , but am i rich in my ibadah? Khusyu’ enough? Perfect wudhu’? Am i rich in my akhlak? Good enough to my parents? My husband? Kids? Siblings? Others? 

I wanna be solehah… But have i been one to my husband? Do i perform solat at early hour? Do i read quran as much as i can? Do i understand the quran? What did i do to ustand quran? Class? Asking ustazah? 

I wanna die in husnul khatimah ( die in a good manner) have i been good to others in this dunya? Have i been good to Allah Taala ? Do i obey Him?

Im jealous of those who is pious, who faqih in Islam, who rich in akhlak and ibadah, who memorised quran easily by their hearts… 

Im jealous of those who are solehah wife, paradise surely for them… Jealous of whom are consistent with quran… Allahuakbar wa Astaghfirullah hal azim….

Am nothing comparing to them … I dream but i dunno how close i am with my dream…i dream of jannah.. But how close i am to His Jannah? Can i even smell it?

I wanna improve myself before the time comes, i wanna make a change !i wanna be better muslim… Oh Allah make it easy… 😓

Oh My Heart, 

Stop dreaming… Make a change.. Do ibadah with a full heart, a heart that full of love towards only Him, heart that afraid of His punishment, heart that full of Dhikr.. 

Keep going.. Keep istighfar… Keep striving… To see Him in husnul Khatimah.. 

My condolences to those who syaheed in Mecca recently… Am sure they have been dreaming to die in Mecca.. While doing ibadah , while their heart submitted wholly to Him… They accompolished their mission successfully..may Allah bless their soul” ameen

SO?!.. And what am i waiting for ?😓 Oh Allah accept my tawbah oh Allah… I acknowledge Your Nikmah and i acknowledge my Sin… Therefore forgive me oh Allah.. ” ameen...  

Till then.., insyaAllah… 



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