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What is love 

Allah says that one of His signs is that He placed love and mercy between spouses (Quran 30:21). And what kind of love is that? Is it love expressed on a particular day of the year with gifts, chocolates, and other fancy stuff? No! Love is deeper and more intricate than that!
Love is to accept your spouse with all the shortcomings and still feel flutters in your stomach, just like how you felt on the very first day you got married.
Love is to exchange quick secretive glances of affection with your spouse in a room filled with family and friends.
Love is to push your spouse to be a better Muslim and better slave of Allah by encouraging him or her to be one step closer to Allah than he or she was yesterday.
Love is to dream of going higher and higher in Jannah with your spouse by your side, and taking steps to fulfill this dream—the ultimate dream!
Love is to serve your spouse with the best, making sure that he or she had a wonderful day, despite little fights or arguments you have had.
Love is to make du’a for your spouse every single time you think about them because what greater gift can we give to a person other than du’a?
Love is manifested in so many little things, which one day, will be the big things in life and after death.
And when you feel problems in that love, ask Him to pour love, understanding and mercy in both your hearts, for it is He who places love in the hearts of spouses (30:21)!
Because, life isn’t going to be all roses, but the journey will always seem beautiful when you take time to watch the flowers bloom!



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